IAF044BU01 Habitation Outpost Bundle save 5%

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Habitation Outpost!

Somewhere in the Prydian Precinct an outpost has been built. This outpost is a picket in an otherwise desolate landscape and now the enemy wants it! Well they ain't getting it without a fight. A whole set which assembles as per the pictures shown saving you 5% off normal prices. This set is made up of many 15mm scale high quality grey tone resin parts as follows:

Two IAF015 Hab Domes, two IAF044H Turret Connectors with two Missile Pods, one IAF044E Four Ways Crossroads connector, one IAF044D Three Way Connector, one IAF044A Straight Connector, one IAF044G Pressure End Door Connector and an IAF043 Power Spire.

A complete and a great place to expand from as well. Suitable for use in any 15mm scale science fiction wargaming setting.

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Supplied Unpainted.