IAF100C Taranis Tracked MBT SPB Energy Turret

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf100c

This pack contains one super heavy resin heavy vehicle. This is a Taranis main battle tank with an energy weapon turret (the mighty Fretan Sequence Partical Beam cannon) featuring a small cabin for a crewman. 

Assembled this model is 90mm long and 60mm wide.  It is a very large and impressive main battle tank of the far future. The kit comprises an upper hull, a lower hull, a left tracked sponson, a right tracked sponson and a SBP Energy turret. Only five pieces to assemble with ease!

Taranis Tanks often use Drones for added protection:  See IAF081 for these.

Supplied Unpainted and unassembled.  Please note that the images show firstly an assembled and painted vehicle as does the second image.  The third image shows all the supplied parts (on a grid of 1cm squares) while the forth and fifth show the vehicle assembled but unpainted. All the images after this show a Taranis Tracked Main Battle Tank with other miniatures and vehicles from our range in 15mm scale.  As you can see it is a very large vehicle.  These later photos are for comparison only and these other items are not supplied and are for scale purposes only. For more information refer to The Ion Age Blog.