IAF151 Beotan 4th Tesseran - Command

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf151

The Legions of the Shia Khan Empire are the main fighting force of the Empire.  They are self contained and very flexible and operate in Tesserans (8 Troops) and Ordo's (32 Troops).  Beotans are Werewolves who dress in a combat harness and are used in cold climes and urban warfare. The fourth Tesseran contains the Ordos command and special poses for your force. Covered in fur and with reversed knee they lope at high speed into battle and stand a little taller than a Human (17mm tall) Great for skirmishing and then combining with other Khanate codes for larger formations and battles.

Here is a list of the poses in this code:

Pose One - Beotan Ordo Officer with enhance visor

Pose Two - Beotan Banner Bearer (plain pole supplied)

Pose Three - Beotan Medic with gear and Staff.

Pose Four - Beotan Comms Specialist

Pose Five - Beotan advancing with Juno Rifle.

Pose Six - Beotan readying Juno Rifle.

Pose Seven - Beotan casualty face up.

Pose Eight - Beotan casualty face down.

This code comprises eight different poses of 15mm scale metal miniatures. You can also purchase each pose from this code as a single miniature for maximum flexibility.  When selecting single poses they are numbered 1 through to 8, running left to right.

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.