IAFMB01 Magog War Mecha Three Bundle - One of Each saving 10%

Alternative Armies

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"The largest walkers in the Prydian Precinct the Magogs are a class of war machine which tower over all others. Piloted by a pair of veteran crew each Magog carries the mightiest weapons into battle and is the equal to the finest of other armoured vehicles. They are giant knights. They are the mecha of the Marcher Barons and among them the Targa Works type 50 variants rule supreme. Magogs are giants of legend given titanium alloy form in the war against the Khanate.”


This special bundle code gives you the opportunity to purchase one of each of our three Magog kits with a saving. Three different mecha! You receive IAF169 Arcus Magog War Mecha 50A kit, IAF170 Blaes Magog War Mecha 50B kit and IAF171 Lann Magog War Mecha 50C kit. Refer to each single code for full content details. You save 10% off the regular price of each kit.

When assembled this model stands about 80mm tall. Supplied unpainted and unassembled without a base (shown on our IAF167 75mm round base). You can purchase one kit or three kits saving more on screen.