IAFP04 Muster Platoon (Platoon Pack) - Includes free extra unique miniature!

Alternative Armies

SKU: iafp04

A Full Platoon of miniatures which includes an additional free unique miniature only found in this code which you can order on its own too.

A Platoon of 25 Humans composed of two Squads of ten and a Command of five plus one unique 'spotter'. A full force for your wargaming table. This platoon pack is composed of the following packs:

IAF003 Muster 1st Squad

IAF059 Muster 2nd Squad (Female)

IAF060 Muster 1st Platoon Command

Muster Spotter prone with visor raised. (Unique to this pack)

The Muster of the Prydian Army operate in Platoons (22), Squads (10) and Fire-Team's (4-5). Human miniatures in Aketon clam shell armour armed with a variety of weapons including Moth Type 6 Rifles, Tumbler Mpi, Hermit 44mm Plasma Rifle, Minstrel PP2 Taser and Ron 32mm Hi-Ex Launcher. This code comprises twenty six different poses of 15mm scale metal miniatures. 

You can see the constituent parts of this platoon pack in the other images. 

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.