IB49 Malig Predatis ( Five Pack with Saving)

Alternative Armies

SKU: ib49

This code contains five metal 28mm scale miniatures.  A separate species to those of the Khanate Legions the Goblinoid Maligs are cheap and expendable troops of a generally low quality.  But make no mistake their cruel and sadistic nature combined with a lot of firepower makes them foes to reckon with.  Predatis are smarter Maligs often given officer roles within their own ranks.

Poses in this pack code:

IA180 Malig, officer, twin Cupid 0.5Mw Pistol

IA181 Malig, officer, Vesta Sword

IA182 Malig Gregalis, Cupid 0.5Mw Pistol

IA183 Malig Gregalis, Cupid 0.5Mw Pistol

IA184 Malig Gregalis, Juno 2.0Mw Rifle

Supplied Unpainted and without Bases.