KC2 Mountain Orcs

Alternative Armies

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"Down from the top caves and the slopes of scree they come. Down to the valleys and our flat lands to bring us death. They look down upon us before they descend and then they look down upon is when they are but an arms length from our rusted swords. They are the largest of the Goblinoid races and make terrifying foes indeed. Last season we hired the Ogres and their handlers from Grubberstatte who kept the Orcs away with the threat of their steel but not this year. Not now the snows are gone, for the Ogres left not just with our coin but with our grain and our lifestock stuck in their belts. I fear we will all die and worse. When the Orcs of the mountains discover we are not only skint but hungry ourselves they will likely feast upon our flesh and suck the marrow of our bones."

This code contains three different 28mm scale metal miniatures approx 30mm average height. Heavily muscled and excellently detailed. Poses in this code are as follows:

KC2-01: Mountain Orc with Spiked Club and Round Shield.
KC2-02: Mountain Orc with huge Spiked Mace.
KC2-03: Mountain Orc with large Sword and Round Shield.

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Choose from a pack and single miniatures. Total choice! 

Scale image shows KC2 with KC1 Coblynau.  They go wonderfully together. Not supplied here but checkout code KC1.

Painted composite picture is the brush work of 'The Art of John Steel' and we thank him for his take on our miniatures.  First image is a painted set from Alternative Armies studio.