LBR01 Laserburn Rulebook

Alternative Armies

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15mm Science Fiction Skirmish.

Character based fast play skirmish rules for Science Fiction adventure in the far future.

Includes campaign rules and characters with templates in 15mm and now for 25mm scale.

Laserburn was released in August 1980 and represents a classic set of skirmish and roleplay rules for use with its own and other ranges of 15mm miniatures. It has been developed and expanded ever since with a large range of infantry figures, vehicles and aliens along with many more scenario booklets and advanced rulebooks and expansions.

The rules aim to simulate the heroic deeds of characters created and developed by the player as they take off in search of adventure in the Laserburn universe. From robberies, skirmishes, bording actions, bar brawls and other small time act to full blown war within the Imperium. These rules are used for almost any future scenario from those involving roving bands of space pirates, outlaws and revolutionaries to the forces of Law and Order on any highly developed world to frontier bandits or civilians and robots all the way upto the regular infantry of the Imperial Army and the heavy weapons of their vehicles and dreadnought armour.

Laserburn is designed to be used in games with 12 to 20 miniatures a side, but the rules can be used with far fewer or many more figures.

(A4 format, 40 pages). Classic rules set for 15mm Science Fiction.

(The image shows the front cover of the A4 classic re-print.  The second image is the contents page.)