LE039 Kyng Gorge III

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Gorge III is the third monarch from the Ogre offspring of the Hunvarian dynasty that has ruled over all of Albion and then the combined nation of Great Britocn since the time of Annulment. Like his father and grandfather before him Gorge is an imposing figure and is rarely seen without his emblems of state which includes a sceptre which is infused with some magicke abilities. Coming to the throne after the death of his father Gorge has been a steadfast opposer of the Ferach Usurper and his plans for Uropean domination. Directing troops and monies and at times even appearing on the battlefield to inspire the Orcs and others who are his subjects.

It is the intention of the Kyng to destroy the Elves and to reclaim his ancestral homeland of Hunvaria realm of the Ogres. Like the Ogres of the K.G..L he feels keenly aware of its loss and while he has never been there himself his grandfather, who wore animal hides and at his food raw, told him many tales of high adventure that occurred there in the Darke Ages. Recently though rumours have been spread that the king is not quite sensible in the head, being prone to bouts of malady and confusion. These rumours have been denied, but none can deny the courage and ferocity of this Ogre monarch in battle.

1 Character Ogre Monarch.  Find him in our titles or ask directly for details.

Limited to 1000 Numbered Packs only and then the molds will be destroyed.

These miniatures are supplied with our great Cartouche Resin Bases at the correct amount and sizes for the miniatures (25mm square for almost all on foot, 25mm by 50mm rectangle for most cavalry and 30mm square for very large creature such as Ogres and Trolka according to Flintloque and Slaughterloo rule systems. See the picture here) and are supplied unpainted. Assembly is required with some miniatures.