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Core Rules - Prydia Alflame

Moth lets you to play out anything from a small skirmish with half a dozen miniatures a side right up to a squad level battle with more than a hundred miniatures in play if you so desire.

Play with 28mm miniatures from The Ion Age range.  Or by switching from Inches to Centimeters in play you can use 15mm miniatures from The Ion Age range.

This is a game that is fast to learn, fast to play and great for younger novice players and experienced tacticians alike. Moth has a clever central mechanic based around the D10 (ten sided dice) and the adaptable Elan Rating system. This, when combined with fluid squad mechanic allows players to add to and remove from their squads in play. Plus unique features such as Break Shots, Degrade Fire, two action choice among many others makes the game flow excellently and combines tension with fun in battle. Use cover, avoid open ground, call on your fellows for support.

Win the Prydian Civil War for your noble masters!

60 Pages, Colour Covers.

Moth - Prydia Aflame gives you the Core Rules, all you need to play the game including:

An Introduction to the Ion Age
The Kendal III Campaign
The Core Rules
Off Table Actions
After and Between Games
Character and Squad Creation
The Armies of Prydian Space
Platoon and Squad Organisation
Quick Reference Sheet

CLICK HERE to download the zipped folder of free files for MOTH.  Rosters, Templates, Tokens and a starter Scenario as well.