MRP03 Georg Von Frunsberg (Foot and Mounted)

Alternative Armies

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15mm Scale

This pack contains three metal miniatures.  On Foot and Rider on Horse. The famous commander of the Landsknecht in the service of the Holy Roman Empire and Imperial House of Habsburg.  

Frundsberg was born in Upper Swabia.  Serving Maximilian, he took part in the 1504 War of the Succession of Landshut, fighting against Count Ruprecht of the Palatinate and his father Elector Palatine Philip. Thereafter, Frundsberg lived an uninterrupted life of war, campaigning for the Empire and the Habsburgs. In 1509, he was appointed "Highest Field Captain" of the Landsknecht Regiment (occupation force) and participated in the War of the League of Cambrai against the Republic of Venice. He was heading the Landsknechts at the side of the Spanish commander Fernando d'Avalos at the 1513 Battle of La Motta, routing the vastly outnumbering Venetian troops according to Frundsberg's motto Viel Feind', viel Ehr' ("Many foes, much honor"). During the Italian War of 1521–26, Frundsberg helped lead the Imperial Army into Picardy.

In 1525, after a brief stop in Mindelheim as the "Highest Field Captain" of the entire German Nation (with a force consisting of 12,000 men and twenty-nine flag bearers), Frundsberg moved again towards upper Italy to relieve Pavia and to save the Empire's Duchy of Milan. Despite an additional 6,000 men, of whom some were Spanish, in battle against an enemy that was strongest, Frundsberg won his most famous victory at Pavia, with the capture of the French king.

Only one year later, when the war in Italy was renewed in 1526, Frundsberg received a call for help from the Emperor's Army in Lombardy, to help decide the war. Albeit an insufficient amount, he obtained 36,000 German Thaler to organize the new army. During his occupation of Mindelheim, Frundsberg borrowed money and sold off his silver table settings and his wife's jewelry, in order to acquire the remaining funds to raise the army. He joined the Constable de Bourbon near Piacenza and marched towards Rome. However, order and discipline broke down near Modena and this matter shook the old commander to such an extent that he suffered a stroke. Unable to regain his physical strength, Frundsberg was moved to Germany after a long struggle in Italian hospitals. Tormented by great anxiety over the situation with his mercenaries or "beloved sons", the loss of his personal estate and death of one of his sons, Frundsberg died in his castle in Mindelheim.

Use this personality miniature in any game system or collection including Furioso.

This code is supplied unassembled and unpainted.