NB1 The Barbarian (54mm scale) by Nick Bibby (includes NB1W set of weapons free)

Alternative Armies

SKU: nb1

54mm Scale for what is good in life!

Restored Classic Figurine now with four extra new free weapons included! 

When assembled the Barbarian is 65mm to the top of its head and it is 54mm scale.  Parts comprise the Barbarian, a base (with plugs for feet), a sword and a scabbard. Sculpted by Nick Bibby.

Included for free the new set of four weapons composing NB1W.  Dagger, Axe, Scimitar and Mace.  Scaled for this 54mm model and can be put in his hands or used for diorama.

This remastered metal kit requires assembly from its parts.  We recommend drilling and pinning parts and taking your time.  Pictures show you the views and compared to a 28mm Human; it is a big model!