NB2 Dragon by Nick Bibby (Metal) limited box set with free items included (1 Numbered Box remains)

Alternative Armies

SKU: nb2

We have one numbered unopened box returned to us remaining .  We offer this now for sale.

Limited to 200 Numbered Boxes this 500 gram remastered metal monster is for true tabletop collectors. No more metal NB2 Dragons will be made.  200 only.  Sold out 30.04.23.

When assembled the Dragon is 190mm long, 150mm in height, with a wing span from 120mm  to 140mm upward depending on build pose chosen.

The Dragon is supplied in nine metal parts at 28mm scale (though it will work in other scales).  These are the body, the left wing, the right wing, the tail, the head and neck, left leg, right leg, claw and wrist, left foot, right foot.  Sculpted by Nick Bibby.

This numbered box has FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE (standard shipping).

Included for FREE are codes NB3 Dragon Rider and Lance plus NB4 Dragon Saddle worth 7.00GBP.  These can be assembled separate to be used on occasion or they can be mounted permanently on the neck of the Dragon if you wish.

This remastered metal kit requires careful and skilled assembly from its parts.  We recommend drilling and pinning parts and taking your time.  The parts picture shows you the size of the pieces relative to the Rider (total height 30mm).  It is a big creature!