OH15 Goblin Elite

Alternative Armies

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"There are few blood feuds that are as deeply felt and as long lasting as that between the Dwarves and the Goblins. Indeed in the under mountain and the great stone halls war is continual between these two wildly different races. Armour and axes wielded with stubborn skill is matched with greater numbers and a wild joy of savagery with crude club and blade. But they are not too different for in the tongues of both you will find brutal mention of each other. The rune words of the Dwarvish for chamber pot and for cloak hook come from the crude diction of the goblinoid words for skull and nose respectively. Among the goblinoids the words for meat and for cooking pot are exactly the same as the words for Dwarf and for breastplate. Even among age old foes there is some humour it seems."

This code contains five different 28mm metal miniatures approx 21mm average height. Poses in this code are as follows:

OH15-01: Goblin in armour with Club and Shield.
OH15-02: Goblin in armour with conical helmet and Axe.
OH15-03: Goblin in armour standing with Halberd.
OH15-04: Goblin in armour with Axe.
OH15-05: Goblin fanatic running with Sword.

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Choose from a pack and single miniatures.  Total choice!  Assembly is required with some miniatures.