POSTER PRINT - PIA007 Prydian Precinct Starmap - Print or Digital Download

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Prydian Precinct Starmap

A thousand years before the outbreak of the civil war that would pull Prydian space apart the last Khanate war forced the detonation of a universal potent bomb. This bomb called the 'Aldan Crucible' ended the Shia Khan incursion in this part of the galaxy by destroying not only their Matter Gateway but also the entire Aldan stellar system. In the dark centuries that followed the detonation savage and exotic Dolorous Clouds formed across Prydian space which hid entire star systems and made travel in or near them very dangerous indeed. This star map shows more than one hundred stellar systems as spoken of in our titles as well as the regions held by the League of Canlaster and the League of Yordan in the pivotal year of 4330 IC. Great for your wall and for planning your campaigns in The Ion Age.

Digitally drawn by our lead designer Sam Croes this sixth of our poster prints was made locally here in Scotland on high quality 200gsm paper using rich inks. Its a premium product to grace your wargaming walls with. Bare or in a frame. Supplied in a purpose designed postal mailing tube. The image is exactly A3 size (300mm by 420mm) while the full post it sits on has a white framing border making the total dimensions 320mm by 450mm.

As with all of our other products we offer you several purchase options. You can purchase one poster print at a great price. You can also get the poster print signed by the artist. Additionally with this work of art you can purchase it as a digital download of the hi-rez poster.