PTD AS010 Neo Jacobin Free Ranger with Laser Rifle

Alternative Armies

SKU: ptdAS010

28mm Scale

Securing a world and naming it Ossian the Neo Jacobins fled Sol after their plot to cybertise the general population of Eurozone was uncovered.  Taking the trapping of mythical Caledon and the latest cybernetic enhancements they are still fanatical to their cause. 

A metal miniature set painted to a high tabletop standard for use in any game system.

If you wish to learn more about this miniature search for it on the website using its code minus 'ptd'. 

Supplied hand painted, based with sculpted basing effect and you are purchasing what you see in the images on screen.  Where we have more than 1 set in stock there will be some small differences in colour/tones. It will be delivered securely packaged and ready to use right out of the box.