PTD CM27-05 Tanaí the Fir Bolg Spell Weaver

Alternative Armies

SKU: ptdCM27-05

28mm Scale

Savage magic user with staff pointing his hand in a sign of power.  Tanai weaves the words of might to aid warriors in battle.

The People of the Bag were early and late comers to Erin.  Distrusted and distrusting they shun most and at times ally with the hated Fomorians.  Fierce fighters they wear little armour and beat their blades against wicker shields.

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Supplied hand painted, based with sculpted basing effect and you are purchasing what you see in the images on screen.  Where we have more than 1 set in stock there will be some small differences in colour/tones. It will be delivered securely packaged and ready to use right out of the box.