RAP029 Wasteland Buddies

Alternative Armies

SKU: rap029

15mm Scale 

"The wastelands of the blasted future are a dangerous and crazy place where sanity and even life itself have been challenged and often destroyed by the powers that brought the world to its knees. These miniatures are designed to be used in any post-apocalyptic or science fiction setting where wasteland peoples and creatures have developed."

This pack contains one 15mm scale metal miniature. The Wasteland Buddies are two lifeforms that have teamed up to survive the rad lands and the mutant cannibals that want to make each of them dinner. Virtually mindless but brutally strong Buster provides the muscle and the motive power wielding a rock tipped club while Mister sits on his shoulders tiny but smart wearing a mask and holding a long barrel rifle. On their backs are many packs and items useful for trade and survival. Cast in white metal and supplied in one piece this model requires no assembly and stands 24mm tall from sole of foot to top of head.

Note that images depicting miniatures and codes other than those in this code are for reference and scale only and are not included (shown with RAP028 Terrorclops).

Miniatures manufactured and sold in agreement with Loud Ninja Games.