RAP036P Tavshar Archon Full Set of Six (One is Free!)

Alternative Armies

SKU: rap036p

15mm Scale 

This Bundle Gives you one of each of the six different Kits (RAP036A to RAP036F).  You pay for five and you get the sixth (RAP036F) free! 

"Archons are elite war machines, piloted by Tavshar that have reached the rank of Prime and shown their prowess in battle above other Primes, making them the elite among elites. Archon is not only the name of the mecha but also the new rank of those who pilot them. Each Archon selects its weapon load based on its mission or sometimes the preference of the individual Archon where command edict does not override personal choice. A mix of weapon types is common, allowing Archons operating in force to counter unexpected threats. Archons are most often tasked with providing heavy support to lesser troops alone or in small groups, but may be used as strike teams by themselves."

This code contains six different 15mm scale metal mecha kits which once assembled stands about 55mm to 60mm tall. Useful in many different settings.  Real works of miniature art and a complex build which is very posable.  All parts shown in the parts image are supplied.  The parts image shows assembly guide but posing is up to you. Note FOUR head options are supplied with each mecha and you can choose which one you use.  We picked one at random.  See parts images.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled.  Note that images depicting miniatures and codes other than those in this code are for reference and scale only and are not included. Pictured is a Tavshar Warrior (16mm tall) for scale.

For more on the design of the Archon go HERE and for an article on all the codes go HERE.

Miniatures manufactured and sold in agreement with Loud Ninja Games.