SF3 Weapons Set 2019 (Choose a pack or from the pack)

Alternative Armies

SKU: sf3_pack

This metal 25mm scale code contains a variety of weapons and equipment which are ideally suited not only to the Asgard science fiction range but also to many other ranges too. Add them to the miniatures or make conversions or scenic items with them.

Note that this is the '2019' version which were sculpted by Sam Croes due to a total lack of mold stock to re-release. They are new designs done as close to the style of the original 1980's as possible.

Choose from a pack (12 pieces) with a saving (10%) or use the on screen choices to select parts of the code in any amount. Use the image provided as a guide by item code. These are as follows:

SF3A Displacer Cannon, SF3C Sonic Pistol, SF3D Disintegrator Gun, SF3E Projector Unit, SF3F Power Pack, SF3G Vortex Grenade, SF3H Hunting Blaster, SF3K Assault Laser, SF3L Heavy Laser Cannon and SF3N Heavy Weapon Pedestal (2 pieces) (fits SF3A,K,L). 

This code is supplied unassembled and unpainted.