SHM97 Sekoth Guardian Warbird (Bird with Rider and six arm options)

Alternative Armies

SKU: shm97

Sekoth Guardian Warbird

This 28mm scale pack contains one large resin warbird and a metal rider with six different choices of weapon arm included.  The Sekoth are a reptilian slave race of the darker powers and this warbird gives them mobility.  See SHM96 for the infantry of this race. 

When assembled this model is 70mm tall to riders head and 80mm long from beak to end of tail.  Arms supplied are:  Curved Serrated Blade arm, Banner Arm, Demon Fire Projector arm, Long Straight Sword arm, Iron tipped cudgel arm, Axe holding arm.

This pack is supplied unassembled and unpainted without base. Images show the miniatures from different angles and also alongside others for scale only and not included.

You can have a pack or the bird on its own or the rider with six different arms on its own.  Choose on this page.

Sculpted by Greg Saunders.