SN2017 Seasonal Fun Sampler Pack – Save 10%

Alternative Armies

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This collection code gives you one of every pose in the whole SN Xmas 15mm Range. The pack contains five SN01 Evil Snowmen in five poses, three SN02 Killer Xmas Trees in three poses, two SN03 Abominable Snow Monsters in two different poses plus a separate sprue of Christmas hats, SN04 Psycho Presents five poses, Brutal Gingerbread Men in four poses and lastly one Jack Frost.  Everything we have in 15mm scale.

Unique and fun with a lot of uses from a festive themed army to a post apocalypse campaign, arctic warfare or even science fiction and more you can get into this range here.

This collected code saves you 10% off single purchases. All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.