SVHT1 Half Track

Alternative Armies

SKU: svht1

This high quality grey tone resin kit contains all the parts to make one large vehicle kit in 32mm scale. Excellent for your wasteland gaming! This model is comprised of fifteen separate parts and requires a moderate degree of skill to assemble. The completed model is an open topped half track with rear crew and weapon mount choices. NOTE: This kit can be added to with SVOC1 Open Cockpit Set One, SVOC2 Open Cockpit Set Two, SVS1 Smoke and MG Set, SVAC1 Armoured Cockpit and SVP1 Plough to create variants. Parts are lettered for easy reference.

Sulphur Miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.  They are 'slotta' type miniatures and will use slot bases. All 32mm scale Sulphur miniatures are manufactured in resin which should be washed in warm water before priming or assembly.