SVP05 Niflung Squad

Alternative Armies

SKU: svp05

15mm Scale Miniatures

Ten 15mm Miniatures. A pack of ten Star Dwarves taken from SV14 to SV17. Officers, HW Troopers, Troopers with Rifles. A Full Squad.

SV14 Niflung Officer. Star Dwarf officer standing armed with SMG and Axe, light armour. 10mm tall.

SV15 Star Dwarf HW Trooper. Standing with Energy Launcher, light armour. 10mm tall.

SV16 Star Dwarf Trooper. Standing with Automatic Rifle, light armour. 10mm tall.

SV17 Star Dwarf Trooper. Standing with Laser Rifle, light armour. 10mm tall.

Using the drop down menu you can choose also poses from this pack.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases. Some Assembly may be required with miniatures.