SVW1 The Sulphur Walker (110mm tall kit)

Alternative Armies

SKU: svw1

This high quality grey tone resin kit contains all the parts to make one multiple pose Sulphur Walker mecha.  32mm scale as with the rest of the Sulphur range it works well with other scales too and assembled stands about 110mm tall.  Excellent for your wasteland wargaming!  Please note this amazing model requires a lot of care and planning in assembly as it is supplied in over 40 pieces and has several weapon options (more than those shown here in our example) including projectile, rocket etc.
Images here show a painted and assembled example from all angles along with a comparison with SH02 which is 32mm tall for scale (it is NOT supplied in this kit).  Click through the images to see pictures of all the parts supplied which are lettered for easy reference.


Sulphur Miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.  They are 'slotta' type miniatures and will use slot bases. All 32mm scale Sulphur miniatures are manufactured in resin which should be washed in warm water before priming or assembly.