UMS03 Compound Interest - Complete Starter Set (Save 5%)

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Complete Starter Set with a saving. It contains the following items:

UM007 USE ME Post Apocalyptic rulebook

28 Metal 15mm Miniatures and 1 Metal Jetbike kit

29 Bases

2 Small D6 Dice

Set of UMS03 Scenario Sheets including Rosters


 Compound Interest

“Brother Clement..what is that I see yonder in the dawning light beyond our blessed fence?”

As the sun rose over a blasted landscape of dry dirt and stunted dead trees metal glinted far off in the already growing heat haze. While everything else was old and broken down the high chain linked fence which marked out the perimeter of the Way of Truth cult was bright and gleamingly clean. Within its enclosure simple wooden buildings and covered gardens in which the only green around grew along with the followers of the cult. They were the chosen. The blameless who would in time inherit the ruined world.

“High Priest…I do not know...beasts of the radiation…men perhaps. Certainly none which were invited. Shall I call the brothers to arms?”

The one who was in command thought for a long minute watching as more shapes began to appear and draw closer. He was considering his answer. To look foolish if it were nothing would require the use of the lash to restore faith. As it was his answer came quickly and divinely. Not from above but from the front as with a whip crack a bullet impacted with a fence support fifteen feet to his right. The boom of the shot followed a moment later. Whomever it was out there their intentions were now clear.

“Yes Brother Clement. The Way has been shown. Issue the men with weapons and their red robes of faith. Let us meet these devils with righteous lead.”

Clement ran off and soon a siren was wailing. Now the foe could be seen. Wild looking men armed with automatic weapons and long steel blades. Raiders from the wastes. It had been a while since this had last happened and the cult had thought perhaps they were alone upon the earth now. It seemed not. Well they would meet their match and be bested. By the time they came near to the fence the faithful would be ready to fight. Whatever came in the coming minutes and the fight the intruders must not be allowed to enter the holy place nor gaze upon the statue and the wyrding lights. Those things were for the faithful only. Over the holy place the fields were sparse but they gave up food even though the land was blighted.

Turning the High Priest walked calmly towards the white washed shed where the weapons were stored. He smiled broadly and long. In these dark days a diet of vegetables sustained; but meat…soon they would have that too. .”


Welcome to this USE ME Starter Pack. This pack is one of a series and it has a simple goal; to give you all you need to get in to 15mm wargaming. The Starter Pack provides you with the rule book the miniatures, bases, dice, scenarios and rosters. All that you need to bring is yourself (and a friend but you can also play solo!) and a device for measuring distances such as a ruler or tape measure. So just what is in this little packed box?

Begin with the USEME UM007 rule book that comes with the Starter Pack. This pocket sized power house gives you all the game mechanics you will need to create hundreds of scenarios and endless campaigns. The book also caters for the three scenarios given on the insert. The rules can be learned in a few minutes. Then move on to the scenario sheets themselves equipped with an introduction, story and three full scenarios, ideas for further adventures and complete rosters of the miniatures in the set.

You can download the insert for UMS03 for free from this website HERE

Here is the listing of the 15mm miniatures that are included in this Starter Pack. These are given by respective force and title in play and then by product codes should you wish to look them up on the site.

The Way of Truth Cult
3 Human Cultists (HOF56)  3 Human Cultists (HOF74)

3 Human Cultist Guard (HOF90)

4 Human Cultist Command (HOF77 & HOF107)

1 Cultist Speeder (HOF91

The Brutal Hand Clan
2 Commanders (HOF18)  4 Human Warriors (HOF20)

3 Human Warriors (HOF55)  3 Human Warriors (HOF21)

3 Human Warriors (HOF19)             

Lastly you get two free six sided dice and all the bases for free that you need too for the miniatures.