VNT11 Zombies II

Alternative Armies

SKU: vnt11_pack

"Soil pushed aside or pooled water slipping from slumped forms it is the moan and the smell that gives away the Zombie. Risen back to unlife by the dark arts of the Necromancers these decent dead are put back to the task of war against the living. Take heart and stand stout despite your fear. Look not to the swollen and distended bellies, to the loose flesh of the legs and the arms and never look to the face for there is a chance that you will see one known to you. It is not unheard of for Men to go raving mad when gazing upon the face of a lost brother, a lost wife or a lost child. Grip your sword tightly and drive in hard avoiding the clumsy swings against you and the purifying liquids that burst forth upon your strike lest you fall and become like them."

This code contains five different 28mm metal miniatures approx 28mm average height. Great quality, great choice and great value too.

Poses in this code are as follows:

VNT11-01: Zombie shambling.
VNT11-02: Zombie with knife.
VNT11-03: Zombie attacking.
VNT11-04: Zombie in skirt with knife.
VNT11-05: Zombie with spear.

These miniatures are not supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Select your choice from the drop down product menu.  Choose from a pack and single miniatures.