VNT32 The Splendorous Djinn (one model with two different weapons included)

Alternative Armies

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“You cannot control me mortal nor bend me to your will. Without the flask, the bottle of my enslavement, I am free to act as I please. I may choose to return to my dimension or to send you there in my stead. I may elect to shift shape to that of a demon which will core your bones or to take the fleshy guise of a maiden which will sour your loins. I could crush you or stretch you so tall your head will cloud touch. But I will stay my act if you wish for it. I can make dreams real and make gold from purest air. Trick you? No. Never. It is not our way mortal. Now...wish.”

This code contains ONE metal model approx 55mm in height which can be assembled in two different ways and has two different weapon hands included.   Works in several scales such as 28mm and 15mm as a giant or god or foe.

Poses in this code are as follows:

VNT32: Large Djinn (Genie) kit composed of one body with a separate head, separate fist hand and two different weapon hands ( trident and magical staff).  Assemble your chosen version and use other weapon hand for diorama or scenics.  Small degree of wrist and neck pose choice.

This model is not supplied with a base and is supplied unpainted.  Images show variants and scale shots (other miniatures not included).