VNT46-06 Skull Heap (great for Erin)

Alternative Armies

SKU: vnt47_06_erin

28mm Scale

This one piece resin model is 30mm wide and 20mm tall and is a pile of human skulls great for use with your Erin miniatures.   Placed here by customer request.

Taken from the Undead Legions High Fantasy 28mm range (see VNT47 for other parts of this code) it is not part of the CM Erin code structure.  It is NOT included in the CMM01 Erin Range Bundle.

Dead Milesians perhaps killed by the Fomori or the Fir Bolg and piled in victory!

See the second image for the deadly and beautiful Babd Macha collector of heads (CM24-03) next to the Skull Pile amid the mists of Erin (not supplied).

Supplied unpainted, unassembled (if required).