VNT53-08 Devilish Imp Running (Free Auto in Orders until 5th August)

Alternative Armies

SKU: vnt53_08

Free automatically in all shipped orders until 5th August 2024 are VNT53-05,VNT53-06,VNT53-07 and VNT53-08.  See BLOG for details.  You may purchase them also and you will still get the four free.

Devilish Imps are the smallest of the denizens of a hellscape and they delight in torturing any mortals who fall into their clutches. Summoned by powerful mages and other darker forces they will do the bidding of the powerful.

A metal one piece miniature of approx 20mm in height useful in any scale of tabletop gaming.

Supplied unpainted and without base.  Other images shown for scale only (28mm and 15mm) and not supplied.