VNT8 Grizzly Owls

Alternative Armies

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“Those damn mages! I sleep light at the best of times being in the woods with that hooting keeping me awake. But this is too much! Sure the hooting stopped but then at my door is a knocking like an axe head on the timbers. I thought it was Erik come early for his firewood so I opened the door in my smock alone. By the gods it was a ruddy Bear! No not a bear more like an Owl. No neither of those it was the size of a bear covered in fur but its head and its clawed hands were those of the night bird. I think it was my scream that saved me as it give the thing a shock and caused it to take flight. Well try to take flight, it just jumped and smashed its head into the beams of my hut. I slammed the door and then grabbed my sword and my mail. It was gone by the time I went back outside but tracks showed at least two more of them. The smell of magic was thick in the air. Those damn mages! I have a good mind to go over to those twin high towers and give the two of them a piece of my mind..but then what would they do to me if the Owls annoyed them enough for that curse?”

This code contains two 28mm metal creatures approx 30mm in height in one piece each.  Poses in this code are as follows:

VNT8-01: Grizzly Owl standing arm raised.
VNT8-02: Grizzly Owl attacking crouched.

These miniatures are not supplied with a base and are is supplied unpainted.