IAF158 Diodine Sparrow of the Quarrel Company

Alternative Armies

SKU: iaf158

Our first legendary personality pack allowing you to field a famous Condot Company in your games!

This pack contains three personalities taken from the Prydian Precincts premier Condot organisation The Quarrel Company. Wearing personalised Alwite powered armour they are firstly Diodine Sparrow bare headed with Roaz Axe then Quinus Bria the prime bodyguard of Diodine Sparrow with plumed helm and Hermit 44mm Plasma Rifle and lastly Loren Vasilia lady commander of the first regiment of the Quarrel Company bare headed with data slab and Carnwennan Pistol. If you choose you can of course use these characters for any other force.  16mm to 18mm tall.

Fielding the Quarrel Company and Diodine Sparrow in Patrol Angis.  Download on our free downloads page.  A one page article taken from the building 'Baron' book.

Here is a list of the poses in this code:

Pose One - Diodine Sparrow.

Pose Two - Quintus Bria.

Pose Three - Loren Vasilia.

This code comprises three different poses of 15mm scale metal miniatures. You can also purchase each pose from this code as a single miniature for maximum flexibility.  When selecting single poses they are numbered 1 to 3, running left to right. See image for numbered poses.