15mm Renaissance Altuos range

Welcome to the ALTUOS 15mm Renaissance miniatures section. This range spans the 15th to 17th century. The miniatures in the range are from Alternative Armies and also formally of Table Top Miniatures and others.  We have the Furioso rules system by Steve Danes, with saver army packs, plus our 15mm Buildings, Walls and Da Vinci Tank.

Get yourself a copy in print or as digital download of our Furioso Wargame Rules for the sixteenth century and the expansion The Italian Wars.  Written by Steve Danes you can read an article about the rules written by the author on our blog HERE.  Files for the game on our Free Downloads page HERE.  Read about the Mega Bundle and the free beginners scenario on our blog HERE. An article about the new expansion book is HERE.  Furioso Alfresco in Devon go HERE for a first playing account.  Review of Furioso in Wargames, Soldier, Strategy magazine No97 see our account HERE. Free QRS (Quick Reference Sheet) on our BLOG by Tony Cane.  Ottoman Empire playtest army sheet download HERE.

Codes are group together by time period (15th,16th,17th Century) infantry and cavalry.  Then Artillery of all periods and lastly the Ottoman Turkish part of the range. Miniatures are sold as singles or as small sets such as artillery crews.