Crystal Elf Empire - Items tagged as "Multitude boxed set"

See our BLOG for an article about Stone Cold Lead and his brilliant paint work on some of our Crystal Elves seen above.  Large images and a link to his page in the article.  Thanks!

Welcome to the Crystal Elf Empire collection.  Alternative Armies high fantasy range ran from the period of the early 1990's through to the end of that decade. Designed by leading names in the wargaming industry and highly successful in its day this range has been on hiatus for more than ten years.  Suitable for fantasy wargaming, dungeon crawl and roleplayers too.  Select single miniatures or a pack at great prices. All options in the drop down menu on each product page.  Now it continues!

If you want to build whole units for your collection say of ten or twenty miniatures then you can tailor make your units by selecting poses from the packs that interest you. This way your unit will be unique with a pose from here and from there and multiples of the same pose if you wish it.  For example a pack of CE24 Crystal Elf Infantry (6) plus from that page four more Pose 6 and ten of Pose 5 would give you 20 miniatures a unit of Elf Spears with command.

The Crystal Empire - Before The Emperor Mordred and his blue coated Elves marched across Valon muskets at the read there was the Ferach Revolution where the Elves abandoned magicke.  Before this was the Elvish civil war where brother fought brother all because Crown Prince Mordred stole the Power Ring from his Empress mother ending the Crystal Empire.  But before all of this the Peacock Throne reigned supreme in Valon and these are its fantastic troops!