59542 Wayside Shrine

Alternative Armies

SKU: 59542

Along the road as the dust rises and the troops march, some fall out from the column to make offerings at the shrine which has stood for an age and gives comfort.

This code composes ONE 28mm scale high quality resin building great for your table.  A roofed shrine at the top of a set of stone steps cut into a rocky outcrop.  It is a single piece and can be used rurally or near a road or in an urban area.  A focal point for a scenario or just part of your table.  You can place any token or items on it or within its arch as you please.

This building is 60mm tall.  If you would like items to use with this building look to 59542P Shrine Tokens a set of six useful saints, coins and flowers in a vase.

Model not supplied with base and supplied unpainted. Note any miniatures shown not of this code are for scale only (5024) and not supplied.