Dwarfish Hosts - Items tagged as "Creature"

Welcome to the Dwarfish Hosts collection.  Alternative Armies high fantasy range. Designed by leading names in the wargaming industry and highly successful across the world.  Suitable for fantasy wargaming, dungeon crawl and roleplayers too.  Select single miniatures or a pack at great prices. All options in the drop down menu on each product page.

If you want to build whole units for your collection say of ten or twenty miniatures then you can tailor make your units by selecting poses from the packs that interest you. This way your unit will be unique with a pose from here and from there and multiples of the same pose if you wish it.  For example three packs of DH8 Shield Wall plus a pack of DH11 Command would give you 20 miniatures.

Dwarfish Host - Want Short and Stubborn full of character?  Want Axes and Crossbows or Blunderbusses to seek out the foe?  A mighty Runic Golem to battle Trolls? Then this collection is for you.

Pro-Painted Miniatures: Alternative Armies paints and bases many thousands of miniatures each year. Most of these are sold directly to customers or listed on our Painted Miniatures pages on the website. However we do offer a quotation to price on every range and miniature which we make. If you see something you would like to ask us to quote upon then send an email to sales@alternative-armies.com listing your name and the codes you wish. We will tell you a price for tabletop standard and sculpted basing effect. We offer good quality for a good price. Ask away!