RAP016P Ikwen Militia Platoon (24) - Save 5%

Alternative Armies

SKU: rap016p

15mm Scale 

"The Ikwen are one side of an asymmetric war against a higher tech, invading enemy. They fight in a less organized, militia style, utilizing acquired weapons, not of their of own manufacture."

Over a generation ago, the planet Kwiell was set upon by aliens bent on exploiting the natural resources of the planet. The planet’s native population, the Ikwen, found themselves suddenly enslaved and their society rocked as they were enslaved, put to work and in many cases hunted and killed. The Ikwen have spent decades in frustrated servitude to these invading overlords. We see them as very much freedom-fighting indigenous life forms, use them as alien invaders, allies, mercenaries or even lower tech indigenous forces for more organized warfare. This pack contains twenty four (24) 15mm scale metal miniatures with a 5% saving off normal pricing as follows: RAP016x2, RAP017x1, RAP018x1.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and without bases.  

Note that images depicting miniatures and codes other than those in this code are for reference and scale only and are not included.

Painted miniatures are from the collection of Einar Olafson.  You can visit his blog HERE.

Miniatures manufactured and sold in agreement with Loud Ninja Games.