EH03 Space Brains (use in any scale)

Alternative Armies

SKU: eh03

Enforcers from outer space!

This code contains five different multiple scale miniatures cast in one piece metal. These are the enforcers of the mighty mind of the master brain and they use their death rays and metal claws to shoot down and control slave Humans and others. They are about 28mm tall end to end.

These miniatures work in any scale of wargaming from 6mm to 15mm, 28mm and larger making them ideal in many game systems.

Please note that these miniatures are supplied unpainted and without a flight wire or base (we used steel wire in the pictures). You can purchase a pack or select a single brain from number 1 to number 5 see image for poses.

Here you can see a scale photo composite showing EH02 the Big Space Brain as well as AS000 a 28mm female miniature and HOF144 a 15mm female miniature.  Also EH07 Eyetan a creature of ocular weirdness.