EH03 Space Brains

Alternative Armies

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Use your grey matter this March at Alternative Armies. Click through to read about what is going on this month and it begins here with a free any scale Space Brain (worth 2.25GBP) automatically in every order shipped out from us in March.

Enforcers from outer space!

This code contains five different multiple scale miniatures cast in one piece metal. These are the enforcers of the mighty mind of the master brain and they use their death rays and metal claws to shoot down and control slave Humans and others who must bend to the will of the Space Brains. They are about 25mm tall.

Please note that these miniatures are supplied unpainted and without a flight wire or base (we used steel wire in the pictures). You can purchase a pack or select a single brain from number 1 to number 5. 

Here you can see the Brain as well as it from different angles plus scale shots showing (not included) EH02 Big Space Brain as well as 5024 Elf General (28mm) and TTF 15mm scale knight (15mm).