15mm Blank Dollies (11 poses) choice of pack contents

Alternative Armies

SKU: dol1_11

15mm Scale

A pack of 11 metal 15mm scale blanks or 'dollys' which Alternative Armies sells to you so that you might create your own 15mm scale miniatures.  Rights are given to produce finished miniatures from these blanks (but not to reproduce the blanks themselves) and they will withstand typical vulcanisation rubber or resin processes.  They can be worked with normal tools.  These blanks are body and legs allowing sculpted heads and arms to be added for very flexible use.

There are eleven different blanks in the set.  The image shows them with letters and they are as follows: (A) Average Male Standing, (B) Taller Female Walking, (C) Average Female Standing, (D) Average Unisex Standing legs apart, (E) Average Male legs apart, (F) Average Male leaning back, (G) kneeling Female, (H) kneeling Male, (I) Taller Male running, (J) Taller Male standing, (K) Taller Male walking. Resulting Humans will be between 5 1/2 foot to 6 1/2 feet tall in scale.

These blanks were used for the majority of the HOF 15mm sci-fi range, HOT 15mm Fantasy Range and a lot of the 15mm Ion Age miniatures.

You can select from the drop down menu the following pack options. EACH PACK HAS 11 BLANKS IN IT.  A pack with one of each blank.  A pack of only Average Male poses (A,D,E,F,H) in multiples.  A pack of only Female poses (B,C,D,G) in multiples.  A pack of only Taller Males (I,J,K) in multiples.

If you require only certain poses we can do this for you.  Order your pack (or packs) and then email us with your order number and which blank poses you desire by multiples.