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Back in 1998 the expanded version of Deadloque (Flintloque in the snow) was released as a boxed set with miniatures and book.  Now this 64 page book is an affordable digital download and the 5002 miniatures have returned.  NOTE:  This is a legacy publication in digital form only.

The Sword of Shivalia must be possessed by the Emperor Mordred and so the greatest army ever seen enters the Witchlands. Within the walls of Moskova the trap is sprung and the Emperor barely escapes with his life.  Meanwhile hordes of Zombies and Skeletons fall upon the Grande Armee du Norde and the retreat from Moskova begins.  Can Colonel Etienne Gerard and his band of soldiers make it home alive?  Will the Vampyre officer Grigori Drascul and his rotten troops overseen by Stalinov the Liche stop them?  This is Deadloque...

The expanded Deadloque (written by Mike Roberts) was the current edition of game rules for Flintloque from 1998 to 2002 when Flintloque Reloaded was released.  While we no longer support this edition it is still perfectly playable and ALL your miniatures will work within it including those in 5024 Escape the Dark Czar. 

In its pages you will find the Background to the Witchlands Campaign, the Elf Characters, the Undead Characters, Terms & Definitions, Three Scenarios, Flintloque Rules, Elf Summary Sheet, Undead Summary Sheet, Rules and Weapons Tables plus Roster Sheet and Record Sheet.  See an image of contents on this page.

If you enjoy the download version of the book and fancy getting the miniatures for it you can by searching for '5002' where the set and also as singles of the miniatures are on the website.  

(Images show virtual cover along with rear cover, contents and page example)