5002 Deadloque Miniatures Set (17 poses and as singles)

Alternative Armies

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The Deadloque Set from the 1990's contained many favourite characters.  These are now returned to the range.  You can also get the legacy 1998 book as a digital download if you fancy a read.

Free rules to update these characters to 5026 Death in the Snow Flintloque 3rd edition rules.  CLICK HERE to download as a PDF.   See a comparison article with 5024 Escape the Dark Czar game set miniatures HERE.

Here are your choices from this classic 28mm metal miniatures code:

5002 Seventeen Miniatures - Full Set 

The whole set of the original sixteen miniatures (Six Elves and Ten Undead) plus a newly added alternate pose of Armond DeGalis with pistol drawn making seventeen miniatures total.  A small saving for set purchase over singles.

5002 Single Miniatures - Choose from the List (consult image)

A. Etienne Gerard  (Elf)

B. Dumont Gaheris (Elf)

C. Jardine Perimones (Elf)

D. Adrien Bourgogne (Elf)

E. Grigori Dracsul (Vampyre)

F. Stalinov (Liche)  (Metal see 5002 for resin version)

G. Armond DeGalis (Elf)

H. Armond DeGalis (Elf) (Alternate pistol drawn pose)

I. Lamond Adagain (Elf)

J. Karpov (Skeleton)

K. Putrich (Skeleton)

L. Andropov (Skeleton)

M. Fresh Zombie 

N. Fresh Zombie

O. Badich (Zombie)

P. Fresh Zombie

Q. Fresh Zombie

These miniatures are supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. You have the option of purchasing a set or a single miniature for sampling or extending your existing forces. Select your option on this page.