5002 Stalinov the KGB Liche (Resin)

Alternative Armies

SKU: 5002_stalinov

"The first of the Liches brought to unlife by the Dark Czar and utterly remorseless..."

A classic 28mm miniature now in resin from the 5002 Deadloque set.

The first and most infamous of the Dark Czar's enforcers of the Kommisariat Graviski Bureov, the K.G.B, the unnatural creature known as Stalinov carries out his masters will at all times. The KGB are present across the Witchlands and in its army keeping tabs on Vampyres and other allies as well as upon the common Undead troops. Stalinov acts alongside an officer and enforces action on the Undead in that section or unit.

Fits in well with codes such as 55508, 55509 and 55521. See 5025 Death in the Snow and 5030 Slaughterloo for game rules on Liches.

Uniformation: A free one page download containing game rules for Flintloque and Slaughterloo and some background for 55026 Duc de Tubercule and also 5002I K.G.B Liche Stalinov by request. CLICK HERE to download from our website storage.

This miniature supplied with base and supplied unpainted. Other figures shown for scale only and not included.