5024A Saindouxs Survivors

Alternative Armies

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A Set of Four 28mm Resin Miniatures taken from 5024 Escape the Dark Czar.  The Mortal Characters.

You can now purchase the mortal characters from the beginners box set on their own as a set of four or as singles.  They are supplied with a cartouche base. Use the first image (A,B,C,D) to make your choice.  Full details in the 5024 Booklet.

Though a stroke of good fortune which is rare in the Witchlands the four
survivors of the destruction of the 1er Armee du Norde have found each other
and now must strike out for the road home. It will be dangerous and they are
being pursued already. These are your core of a skirmish force.

(A) General de Brigade Hugo Saindoux led the 5th Brigade of the 1er Armee du Norde until it was routed and all but destroyed. He did have a private staff of three just to cook his meals but they are gone and all Hugo has left is a family heirloom a cooking pot which he refuses to leave behind. He is beloved by those who follow his leadership

(B) Soldat Ayers Quinte de Toux.  The contrast between the general and the only other Elf in the small group of survivors could not be more stark. Only a boy Ayers joined the 9eme Regiment de Ligne after a recruiting party came to his village outside Lyonesse.  He was starving.

(C) Soldat Hulmutt Jucken is an embittered soul. The eighth in his mothers litter the world has not been kind to him. There was little to go around in the smokey hut that the pup called home and he could not wait to escape. The Army of the Dutchy of Neuterstadde was small just like the dutchy and it was called in its entirety for the Grande Armee du Norde.

(D) Captain Boell Umfrage. A soldier of some experience who had served with Marshal Sault in Catalucia before joining the Grande Armee du Norde and marching for the Witchlands. Skilled in hunting and in scouting Boell was in the process of ranging ahead of the rest of his regiment when the hammer of the Dark Czar’s ambush fell. He is the only survivor of a hundred Ogres who fought several hundred Zombies to a standstill.