5024C Preserovitchs Infantry Savant Zombies

Alternative Armies

SKU: 5024c_six

A Set of Six 28mm Resin Miniatures taken from 5024 Escape the Dark Czar.  The Undead Characters.

You can purchase the Undead characters from the beginners box set on their own as a set of six or as one random trooper of the five.  They are supplied with a cartouche base. Use the first image (A,B,C,D etc) to make your choice.  Full details in the 5024 Booklet. 

If you wish certain poses of trooper just tell us alongside your order and we will put those in for you.  We will put in a different trooper up to the five poses before repeating.

The past is dim for the captain. Within him he feels a life that he no longer
knows. Like a vice the hand of the Dark Czar is in his mind but now and again
he remembers the smell of flowers though none grow in the Witchlands and the
auburn hair and smile of a girl he does not know. He knows the art of war and
of being a cavalryman. Unknown to the Captain and to the other Zombies they
used to be troopers in the 23rd Regiment of Cuirassiers in the Army of Armorica
and it was for this reason that they were lifted from the blood soaked ground
and carefully reanimated to serve as cavalry once more. New names and goals
but the same retained skills. Now on foot and with muskets taken from those
who no more need of them the Zombies stalk the mortals.

A. Captain Preserovitch 
B. Trooper Azimovo
C. Trooper Bolshov
D. Trooper Vodkavitch
E. Trooper Gurkinov
F. Trooper Yellagin