5108C Fat Boris and Bakon

Alternative Armies

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Boris Karlov was joint partner in the most famed deli in all of Krautia. His specialty was the renowned Karlov Kebab, a mixture of the finest cuts of flesh in all Valon. Or at least that's what the adverts claimed.  No one seemed to notice the increase in missing cats, dogs and young Dwarves; not even the disappearance of the town's rat population raised any questions. Occasionally, a local magistrate would cast a suspicious eye over Karlov's Kebabs, but more often than not, the soft orb of officialdom would be amalgamated into a meaty lump resembling an elephant's leg. However, many Dwarven nostrils began to detect a malodorous stench emanating from Karlov's Kebab House: more noses than could be discreetly removed and pulped into a post-pub snack. As the heat increased, Boris decided to get out of the kitchen. Finding a position in the Krautian Army, he left for dusty Catalucia just as the Kebab business passed its sell-by date. Joining the Uhlans von Krautia as a cook, he became firm friends with his new companion: a cute little pig, whom he named Bakon after a famous Albion scientist.

Two 28mm scale miniatures.  Rider and Mount.  For your character driven deserter army.

This miniature is supplied with a base and supplied unpainted.  All these miniatures are from this code.  See 5108 Obidiahs Cavalry for the full set of seven with saving.