51505 Dark Elf Guerrillas

Alternative Armies

SKU: 51505u

The Ferach Empire likens the Dark Elves of the little war to lice.  No matter how many you burn away they always return.  These fighters are decent in a battle but excel as skirmishers and in raiding.  Use them as Light Infanty or as other larger units in your games.

Here are your choices for Flintloque (Skirmish) and Slaughterloo (Unit) players from this 28mm metal miniatures code:

51505-U Twelve Miniatures - Unit Pack

(Dark Elf Irregular Fighters in a mix of ten different poses in various uniforms and armed with muskets).

51505-T One Miniature - Trooper Booster

(one random trooper pose from 51505).

These miniatures are supplied without bases and are supplied unpainted.  You have the option of purchasing a unit pack as outlined or a single trooper booster for sampling or extending your existing forces. If you purchase multiple single random troopers we will supply as many different poses of trooper as the code contains before we repeat a pose in your order.