55011 General Bardaghul

Alternative Armies

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"It was in the deep sewers and crypts that he realised there was something special to his mind. Among the other ghouls that rove under the streets of Moskova he seemed rare in that he could control his urges. While others tore at the rotting meat that fell from above he held back. This had him noticed by a K.G.B Liche who ordered his attending Zombies to drag the ghoul into the snow bound light. Assuming his end was neigh Bardaghul silently awaited a blade or bullet. Instead he was taken in front of the Dark Czar himself....”

This code contains one 28mm scale metal miniature composed of a Ghoul officer with sword and dagger in an elf skin coat riding upon a rearing skeletal horse.  Great for commanding the Kryptovski Death Guard ghouls.

Uniformation – General Bardaghul: A one page article containing background as well as Flintloque and Slaughterloo game rules and uniform details for this character. Hosted on our server download this PDF by CLICKING HERE.

This miniature is supplied with a base and is supplied unpainted. Other figures shown for scale only and not included.