55022 Zombie Big Todoroni

Alternative Armies

SKU: 55022

The Fruscati Grenadieria contains some experienced and effective battalions in the line of Ferach Empire regiments but it also contains many poor quality and indeed terrible battalions as well. Many of these accompanied the Emperor Mordred into the Witchlands to take on the legions of the Dark Czar and most did not come back. Well, they did not return towards Nepolise in the state they left for they had been killed and reanimated in the frozen wastes of the Witchlands by the Graviski corps. The ranks of these Big Todoroni became zombies and took their stiff limbs and rotten brains in pursuit of their former spawn brothers in arms.


This pack contains two metal miniatures in 28mm scale approx 38mm tall armed with Ferach Muskets.

These miniatures are supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted. Miniature shown for scale is not supplied is 55017.