55027 Zombie Line Colour Party

Alternative Armies

SKU: 55027

The Zombies of the Witchlands are arrayed in hundreds of regiments and commanded by Liches and Vampyres.  Every section of shambling Zombies is accompanied by a Sergeant, Standard Bearer and Drummer when pushed into ranks.

This pack contains three 28mm scale metal miniatures supplied with bases.

These greatcoat wearing Undead fit right in with other codes such as 55508, 55509 and other Zombies from sets such as 5002 Deadloque.  Give a colour party to your Zombies.

These miniatures are supplied with bases and are supplied unpainted.  Select poses by letter in the image or take the whole pack.

Note that these miniatures are included in the twenty eight figure UNIT codes for 55508 Zombie Line and other codes where a colour party is required.